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In a letter to hospital groups the HSE's chief clinical officer Dr Colm Henry said: "I am writing in relation to the vaccination programme for frontline healthcare workers (Cohort2). In accordance with the government’s provisional allocation grouping, vaccination of this high risk group began in late December "As of March 21 over 204,000 frontline healthcare workers had received their first dose vaccination. We have now significantly exceeded the original estimation of this group by more than 50,000 and are now in a position to begin to close out dose 1 vaccinations for this group "On midday Friday March 26 the healthcare worker portal will close for new registrations. Anyone registered on the healthcare worker portal prior to midday Friday will be offered a vaccine as part of this group. Specific arrangements for new employees and staff returning from sick leave who have not been vaccinated and meet the criteria for frontline healthcare workers will be required. "For healthcare workers not in direct patient contact (group 6b) the HCW portal will re-open in due course. I would like to take this opportunity to once again recognise and thank you for the tremendous effort that has and continues to be made across Community and Acute operations to enable the safe, effective and timely roll out of the vaccination programme." Speaking today, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly assured the Dáil that the HSE is ready to administer “very high volumes” of vaccine which are to be delivered in the “next few days”, Minister Donnelly said he has met with HSE management to ensure plans are in place to facilitate a “stepchange” in the number of daily doses administered. Labour leader Alan Kelly told Minister Donnelly he found it “extraordinary” that the health minister couldn’t “stand up in the Dáil and say how many vaccines are expected in the nation next week”. “You are the Minister for Health, you should know how many doses you expect next week at least. Those figures should be in front of you,” Deputy Kelly said. Minister Donnelly said he did have exact figures for each day but “highly caveated” their accuracy by saying the delivery schedule changes so often and these changes can cause people anxiety, so “the government prefers to use a higher level of months, not weeks”. “One in eight adults has now received a first dose,” the Minister said. A further one million vaccine doses are scheduled to arrive in April with the Minister insisting the 10,000-strong vaccination team will be able to get the vaccines to people in a timely fashion. “We fully expect Astrazeneca to make good on their contractual obligations,” the Minister said, but added that the drugmaker has not fully committed to the European Commission that it will fulfill these contractual obligations. Minister Donnelly said if everything that’s expected “comes in in the next few days, the shortfall for Q1 will be just 100,000”. Sinn Féin spokesperson on Health David Cullinane pointed out that initial forecasts were for 1.4m in Q1, which would mean a shortfall of 300,000. Minister Donnelly said the effect of the vaccination programme on the most vulnerable has “absolutely” changed the risk matrix of the pandemic in Ireland and the “result of this is less illness, harm and death” from the same number of cases and this enables “a very different conversation about people being able to return to normal lives”. He pointed out that in January, one in nine people admitted to hospital was a resident of a nursing home and this rate has now fallen to one in 200. Minister Donnelly said it was “unfortunate” that a reduction in the number of cases among vaccinated cohorts was being “offset by an increase in mobility” in recent weeks.


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